Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey


    • December 03, 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EST)
    • Two-in-one Virtual LIVE and/or RECORDED sessions

    #2a Hook ‘em Early via Song and Story 

    Authentic songs and music videos are an excellent, real-world hook for students. But how comprehensible are they? Do you use music in class? Do you want to go beyond cloze activities and song translations? This virtual workshop will share ideas and resources about how to create stories out of songs and music videos...and what to do with those stories afterward. Ideas for remote teaching will be included.

    #2b Creating Opportunities for Meaningful and Purposeful Language Use with Content-Based Instruction

    Do you want to provide opportunities for meaningful and purposeful language use to your students?  Come discover how Content-Based Language Teaching (CBLT) can be an approach where students use language instead of talking about it.  In this workshop we will explore the multiple benefits of Content-Based Language Teaching for L2 learners. Join us to see how Content-Based Instruction Language Teaching blends ACTFL’s core practices of authentic resources, backward design, target language comprehensibility and grammar as a concept in order to build units that will push students to be global and critical thinkers.  Sample units will include essential questions, can do statements, scaffolded authentic resources and ultimately will lead to assessments of the three modes of communication. 

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